• Hydrogen
  • The hydrogen as the first symbol of element in the Periodic Table is H. H2 consists of about three-quarters in the universe as the most abundant elements.
  • The hydrogen is most often used in oil refineries such as refining of crude oil, naphtha cracking and desulfurization etc. It has been widely used as a process gas of chemical plants and raw materials of chemical products. In addition, It has been widely used in industrial fields such as the semiconductor manufacturing process, a process of manufacturing reducing atmosphere gas, optical fiber of metal heat treatment, electronic, the electrical industry, glass industry, rocket fuel, iron and steel, steel, solar, It has been widely used in industrial fields, automobile fuel.
  • The hydrogen is the largest producer and supplier as well as the flagship product of Deokyang Co., Ltd. in domestic. Our company has produced hydrogen of 50,000N㎥/hr by reforming LPG or LNG at Ulsan the third plant and has supplied to the major businesses by purifying high purity from by-product hydrogen of petrochemical plants at Ulsan plant, Yeosu, Seosan, Kunsan plants.
  • The largest producer of hydrogen in domestic
  • The Deokyang Co., Ltd. has supplied hydrogen of 190,000㎥/hr through Pipe-line at Ulsan, Seosan, Kunsan of petrochemical complex, also our company has established and supplied stably Back-up system by using tube-trailer for emergency of customers.
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  • The third plant
  • Yeosu plant
  • Ulsan the First plant Hydrogen purification plant
  • Seosan plant tube-trailer stations
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    • Kunsan plant
    • Yeosu pipe track
    • Kunsan tube trailers
  • Purity
    • - more than 99.99% purity
    • - more than 99.999% high purity
    • - more than 99.9999% Ultra high purity
  • Property
    • Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, flammable gas. It has 0.0695, specific gravity and -253℃, boiling point. It has 4~75% of explosion limit, the lowest density, lighter than air as 7/100 times
    • Industrial cylinder : painted in orange
    • Freezing point : -259℃
    • Density(35℃, 1atm) : 0.08kg/㎥
  • Method of supply
  • On-site plant supply system
  • On-site plant system is one of method for supplying gas directly to customers factory site and the surrounding gas production facility in the construction site of use. Our company, Ulsan the 3rd plant, on the site of near SK energy itself has been supplying hydrogen to SK energy in the on-site supply system established a factory, Incheon southeast complex also has supplied hydrogen by installing hydrogen generator of 100N㎥.
  • Pipe line supply system
  • PPipe line system is one of method for supplying gas through pipe to the ground and underground pipelines at the large industrial complex. Our company has been supplying hydrogen to each of plants which are located in Ulsan, Yeosu, Seosan, Kunsan industrial complex.
  • Cartridge supply system(= Tube trailer supply systme)
  • Our company is supplying hydrogen by using the 150 units of the tube trailer, which boasts maximum retention in domestic to large-scale customer that pipe line is not installed.
  • Cylinder supply system
  • Our company supplies by charging a hydrogen cylinder container to the customers to be small and use.
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • CO2(Carbon Dioxide) is Colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure as compounds of carbon and oxygen.
  • Our company has produced transparent liquid(L-CO2) by compression cooling and 660tons everyday at Ulsan the 1st plant and Seosan CO2 plant. Storage facility is equipped with 3100 tons, is only carbonate production maker that has carbonate platform in domestic.Our company has produced transparent liquid(L-CO2) by compression cooling and 660tons everyday at Ulsan the 1st plant and Seosan CO2 plant. Storage facility is equipped with 3100 tons, is only carbonate production maker that has carbonate platform in domestic
    Our company has supplied liquid CO2 to the large demand customers by about 20 units tank lorry and to the small customers by cylinders(47L). In Seosan CO2 plant, Deokyang chemical Co., Ltd. which is subsidiary company has produced and supplied Dry-ice as well.
    Primary uses of CO2 gas is used for manufacture of sodium-carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, white lead(ceruse), welding of iron structure shipbuilding, food and beverage as well as for pulp and paper processes, medical treatment, water and wastewater treatment. In recently years, It is used for fruits and vegetables to development by photosynthesis smoothly.
  • Classification of the CO2
  • 1.CO2 gas
    Production of it is industrial carbon dioxide gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature to be present in the gas, it can occur in a gaseous state
  • 2.Liquid CO2
    Produce cooled compressed CO2 gas under high pressure
    Liquid CO2 has a temperature of 31℃ to -56℃ as transparent liquid
    Liquid CO2 normal handling temperatures and pressures : -17.8℃, 21 kg/cmg
    -Less than -56℃ liquid CO2 is frozen into a solid carbonate(Dry ice)
  • 3.Solid CO2 (Dry ice)
  • Method of supply
    • 20㎏,40㎏ Cylinder
    • Holding total 1,420ton storage tank, tank lorry transport equipment(6ea, 84ton) in itself. It has been supported the storage tanks and using facilities at an area of supply.
  • Purity of supply
    • - more than 99.99% purity
    • - more than 99.999% high purity
  • >Property
  • Carbon diloxide, CO₂
    Molecular weight - 44.01
    Triple point(5.2atm) -56.6
    Boiling point -78.5
    Criticle temperature 31.1
    Criticle pressure atm 72.8
    Threshold limit value ppm 5,000
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  • Ulsan CO2 plant
  • Seosan CO2 plant
  • CO2 storage tank
  • Dry ice manufacture facility in Seosan CO2 plant
  • LPG (Liqufied Petroleum Gas)
  • The LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas called 'liquefied gas'. LPG has been used in the world widely since the Second World War.
  • When south Korea is running a Petroleum Corporation Ulsan refinery in 1964, LPG has begun to use in earnest in the country. LPG has the main component consisted of propane and butane.
    Our company has produced propane 150tons and butane 30tons everyday raw materials received from S-oil and Hyundai Oil bank in Gyeongsan plant equipped with propane, butane storage tank and a charge station. In addition, Our company operates LPG station of the vehicle.
  • Use
  • Industrial(welding, cutting, solvent, petrochemical raw materials, dispersing agent)
  • Vehicle fuel, household, commercial(heating, cooking)
  • Property
  • 1. Easy liquefaction and gasification
  • 2. In a gaseous state, heavier than air, if liquefied, lighter than water
  • 3. colorless, odorless, and tasteless
  • 4. It is a beautiful clean fuel
  • Method of supply
  • Bulk supply
  • Cylinder supply
  • 수소이미지01
    • Gyeongsan LPG plant
    • Cylinder charge station Gyeongsan plant
    • Station of the vehicle
  • Primary property of LPG
  • LPG
    Propane Propylene n-butane i-butane
    Molecular formula C3H8 C3H6 n-C4H10 i-C4H10
    Specific gravity liquid(water=1, 20℃) 0.501 0.914 0.579 0.557
    gas(air=1, 15℃) 1.522 1.452 2.006 2.006
    Boiling point -42.1 -47.7 -0.5 -11.7
    Latent Heat Of Vaporization(㎉/㎏) 101.8 104.6 92.1 87.6
    Vapor pressure(㎉/㎠,20℃) 8.35 10.30 2.10 3.10
    Heating value (㎉/㎏) 12,030 11,690 11,840 11,810
    (㎉/ℓ) 6,110 - 6,910 -
    range of inflammability 2.10~9.50 2.00~10.00 1.80~8.40 1.80~8.44
    Complete combustion air quantity 15.71 14.80 15.49 15.49
    Octane 125 85 91 99
  • Oxygen
  • Oxygen exists about 21% in the air as a combustion-support gas, which is colorless, tasteless, odorless and has a boiling point, -183℃ as liquid. Oxygen, the essential gas in ecosystems is manufactured that the air is separated and liquefied. Also It is used to all industries and serves as an essential element in the industrial society.
  • Oxygen purification, charging capability of DeokYang Co., LTD. own such as carburetor compression pump, liquid oxygen storage tank in Dalcheon and Seosan plants. In addition, It can handle 12,000㎥ everyday through cylinders 60 charging ports, LGC 3 charging ports.
  • Use
  • - Steel manufacture
    - Welding, cutting
    - Manufacture of chemicals
    - Wastewater Treatment
    - Medical
    - Glass manufacture
    - Paper
    - Gasification of coal
    - Oxidizing of rocket fuel
  • Method of supply
  • Liquid gas supply by storage tanks(5Ton, 10Ton, 20Ton etc.)
  • Liquid gas supply by LGS vessels(175L)
  • Gas supply by cylinders(40L or 47L)
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  • Oxygen cylinder charge station
  • Supplied to customer by tank-lo
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen that has coloeless, odorless is consisted of the air as the most elements, constituting for four-fifths of the air. In normal temperature, lighter than air, It is not soluble in water, it does not have nearly bond with other substances.
  • At high temperature, to create a such as ammonia nitrogen oxide by nearly bond with a number of substances. Liquid has -196℃, boiling point. It makes the liquefied air by cryogenic methods, such as oxygen, and is manufactured separately, and is widely used as the inert atmosphere gas.
    Our company of Ulsan second plant (Dalcheon plant) and Seosan plant equipped with charging refineries has supplied with normal purity (more than 99.99%), high purity (more than 99.999%), ultra-high purity (more than 99.9999) by purifying liquid nitrogen from the nitrogen gas producing company. In the case of liquid gas, provided storage tank to customers such as 5, 10, 15, 20 tons or LGC cylinder(175L). In the case of gas, provided compressed cylinders(40L, 47L). Dalcheon plant and Seosan plant have charge ability of 7,200N㎥ everyday each of plants.
  • Use
  • - Inert atmosphere gas : industry of steel, semiconductors, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals
    - Atmosphere gas of metal heat treatment
    - Purge of plants, pipe lines, tanks(including vessels)
    - Quick-freezing, processing, storage of foods
    - De-flashing
    - For expensive solvent recovery
    - Cyro-milling of wastes : recycle
    - Raw materials of nitrogen compounds
    - Study of superconductors, genetic engineering
  • Purity of supply
  • - more than 99.99% purity
    - more than 99.999% high purity
    - more than 99.9999% Ultra high purity
  • Method of supply
  • Liquid gas supply by storage tanks(5Ton, 10Ton, 15Ton, 20Ton etc.)
  • Liquid gas supply by LGS vessels(175L)
  • Gas supply by cylinders(40L or 47L)
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  • Nitrogen supply
  • Nitrogen purge
  • Argon
  • Argon exists about 0.9% in the air as a stable inert gas chemically. In the case of liquid, It has a boiling point, -186℃. It is manufactured that the air is separated and liquefied by cryogenic methods such as oxygen, nitrogen. It is used such as high-temperature inert atmosphere gas, special welding due to high inert than nitrogen.
  • Use
  • - Shielding gas of non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, stainless steel - Manufacture of a silicon single crystal, semiconductor, carbon fiber production, filled bulb
    - Luminescence assay of metals
    - Special steel manufacture
    - casting of iron and steel
    - Plasma gas cutting
    - Manufacturing of powder metal
    - Carrier gas of the various analyzer
  • Purity
  • - more than 99.99% purity
    - more than 99.999% high purity
    - more than 99.9999% Ultra high purity
  • Method of supply
  • Supply by liquid storage tanks(3ton, 5ton, 10ton etc.)
  • Liquid gas supply by LGS vessels(175L)
  • Gas supply by cylinders(47L)
  • 알곤 운반탱크
  • Argon carrying tank
  • Helium
  • Helium exists very small amount (0.0005%) in the air as a light inert gas next to Hydrogen gas. And industrially it has been manufactured in natural gas separation, the resource that is economical is very limited to which, it is called rarity gas.
  • The liquid helium having the lowest temperature in the existent substances on the Earth has a boiling point, -269℃ almost close absolute zero at atmospheric pressure(0°K, -273℃). It has been studied and applied to ultramodern technology and industry by using these cryogenic property.
    Our company has supplied cylinder charged by using cartridge, which has 1,560N㎥ capacity to customers in Ulsan second (Dalcheon) plant and Seosan plant.
  • Use
  • - Semiconductor manufacturing : the carrier gas of silicon wafer, IC, LSI
    - Medical equipment : MRI
    - Melding : Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, magnesium etc
    - Analysis. Leakage test : the carrier gas of gas chromatograph, Various analysis
    - Nuclear reactor : Cooling, heat exchanger
    - Floating : airship, ad balloon
    - Ocean development : respiration gas for deeping-sea diving
    - Superconductivity : Superconducting magnetic levitation train, Superconducting magnet / generator / vessel
    - Ultra-low temperature research
  • Purity
  • - more than 99.99% purity
  • - more than 99.999% high purity
  • - more than 99.9999% Ultra high purity
  • Method of supply
  • Gas supplied by Tube trailers, set for cylinders, cylinders(47L)
  • Liquid supplied by liquid helium containers
  • 알곤 운반탱크
  • Helium container
  • Helium cylinder
  • Ethylene
  • It is a basic raw material that becomes the core of the petrochemical industry and exists gaseous state of colorless at room temperature. It has melting point, -169.15℃ and boiling point, -103.71℃ as a flammable gas. Critical temperature is 9.5℃. and has 1.26g/l(0℃, 760mmHg) density. It is slightly soluble in water and lighter than air. when borning, kindle wirh shine.
  • Physical properties
  • state | gas
    moleculer weight | 28.03 g/mol
    melting point | 104 K (-169.15 °C, -272.47 °F)
    boiling point | 169.44 K (-103.71 °C, -154.678 °F)
    density | 1.26X10-3 g/cm3
    form | colorless
  • Use
  • Ethylene or ethene is one of ethylene-based hydrocarbon has the simplest structure and is used mainly as a raw material for synthesizing other compounds. Ethylene supplied from Deokyang is most often used mainly in industry for welding.
  • - Steel cutting, Heating
    - Copper welding, soldering, thermal spraying (aluminum, zinc) and other gas processing
    - refrigerant
    - Gouging, scarfing
    - Ripening of fruit
  • Method of supply
    • Bulk supply
    • Cylinder supprly
  • 에틸렌
  • ethylene storage tank supply liquid ethylene by tank-lorry
  • Liquid ammonia
  • Ammonia is a compound consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen, the molecular formula is NH3. Colorless gas, lighter than air, easy to liquid by pressure It has heavy pungent odor at room temperature and becomes liquid ammonia at 20℃, 8.8atm. Also It becomes liquid at -33.35℃, normal pressure.
  • Physical properties
  • - state | gas
    - moleculer weight | 17.03 g/mol
    - melting point | 195.45 K (-77.7 °C, -107.86 °F)
    - boiling point | 239.75 K (-33.4 °C, -28.12 °F)
    - density | 7.71X10-4 g/cm3
    - form | colorless
  • Use
  • - Fertilizer
    - refrigerants
    - chemical
    - Ammonia manufacturing
    - solvent
    - Reducing atmosphere gas of metal heat treatment
  • Method of supply
  • Liquid gas supply by storage tanks(5Ton, 10Ton, 20Ton, 50Ton etc.)
  • Cylinders (50kg)
  • 액화암모니아
  • Ammonia storage tank
  • Dissolved acetylene
  • Acetylene is lighter than air as a colorless, flammable gas. It is mainy used that welding metals with oxygen. It is suitable for welding due to high flame temperature and convergence.
  • In case of gaseous state, There is a risk of spontaneous explosion at about 60℃. But In recent years, Safety is guaranteed due to using dissolved acetylene. Dissolved acetylene is called that acetylene dissolved in acetone which is absorbed by the porous material in the container. Acetylene is most often used as a raw material for synthetic organic chemicals and plastics.
  • Property
  • - Specific gravity | 0.879
    - Explosive range | (Air)2.5~80.5%
    - Critical temperature | 36℃
    - Critical pressure | 6.16atm
  • Method of supply
  • Cylinders (20kg)
  • 용해 아세치렌 실린더
  • Dissolved acetylene cylinder
  • Freon substitute gas
  • Chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) is often referred to as freon gas.
  • CFC is a series of compounds including chlorine and fluorine and widely use for industry as the refrigerant, the blowing agent, the propellant, the detergent. CFC is well known ‘Freon gas’ as Dupont’s product name.
  • Properties
  • Transparent, colorless, odorless, non-poisonous, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-explosion, melting
  • Use
  • - Refrigerants of refrigerator and air conditioning , insulating foam
    - cleaner of semiconductor printed circuit optical lens
    - Solvent blend well and aerosol propellants because of non-brittle and odorless
    - In recent years, the use for propellants of using a deodorizer such as can, hair spray, and other products
    - medicines, insecticides, foods, synthetic resins’ raws
    - Resin blowing agents, solvents, leak testing
  • Method of supply
  • Cylinder of gas gas
  • Type
  • - KORFRON-22, CHClF2 (HCFC-22)
    - R-134a, CH2FCF3 (HFC-134a)
    - R-123 [dichlorotrifluoroethane/CHCl2F3]
    - K-404A [HFC-125/HFC-134a/HFC-143a mix]
    - K-410A [HFC-32/HFC-125 mix]
    - K-4060 [HCFC-142b+HCFC-22 mix]
    - R-141b, CH3CCl2F [HCFC-141b
    - K-23[CHF3/trifloromethane
  • Special Gas(Gas Mixtures)
  • Commonly, Special gas means that to be used with the objects of special purposes unlike common industrial gas(O2, N2, Ar, CO2, H2, etc..). Special gas to be used for all of applications, Semi-conductive, ultra-high purity gas, mixed gas, standard gas approved by KOLAS. There are many types of gases can make from mixed-ratio of different gases, and 200 types of standardised gases with commercialization already.
  • DEOKYANG(DY), Dalchon Plant and Seosan Plant produce industrial gas, specialty gas and semiconductor gas professionally in the long years. High-purity and ultra-high purity gas refining facilities are developed, and prepared mix gas(more than100 ppm) manufacturing and being on sale for 40 types. Deokyang distributes industrial gases to major companies with high purity gases(O2, N2, Ar, H2, He) developed by refining facilities using for semiconductor applications(max purity : 99.999999%).
  • Mixture manufacturing is required concentration of multiple high-purity gases
  • Use
  • -Welding and shielding gas
    - Medical, Lighting
    - Laser
    - Food packing
    - Longevity breathing
  • Deokyang is on the market for various applications of mixed gases.
  • Concentration Degree of Precision
    ≥ 5% ±2%, ±1%
    0.1% ≤ 5% ±5%
    0.01% ≤ 0.1% ±8%
    〈 0.01% ±10%
  • 혼합가스 제조 및 분석실
  • Gas Mixtures site and Analysis Room
  • Standard Gas(KOLAS CRM/Certified Reference Material)
  • DY has have been supplying standard material approved by "Korean Government Agency for Technology and Standards" as a standard material producing company to be used for checking exhaust gas, process control, development research & laboratory, law-medical science in industrial field business.
  • DY providing the best CRM(Certified Reference Material) fully interoperable competitive power for quality as KS A ISO Guide 34, 35 approved by stabilized requirements.
  • Standard gas
  • Standard gas is a mixed gases including the exact concentration and uncertainty of measurement, and customers can check and adjust directly measuring equipment and way of measuring.
  • 1. Standard Material : RM(Reference Material)
  • - The standard material is fully homogeneous and stable made about specified characteristics with the object of using for testing and characteristics of nominal.
  • 2. CRM(Certified Reference Materials)
  • - The standard material approved by an authorized association, to meet the specified characteristic value, uncertainty of measurement and traceability by using an authorized association procedure.
    • Certified Reference Material for Measurement of Automobile Emission Gas
    • DY distributes CRM(Certified Reference materials) using for correcting detect-equipment of an exhaust-gas at the automobile inspection office as "a standard material producing company" approved by KOLAS. DY's CRM offer customers the best quality to decide the concentration by comparison analysis with the first CRM of KRISS(Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) as a representative agency of testing. DY is a hit with customers providing reference material for testing can be a disposable vesselled Freon gas. And it can be getting the reliable result using by standard gas at industrial sites.
    • Item of Acquisition
    • 1.Standard gas for comprehensive inspection
      - CO 5.00 %mol/mol, CO2 14.0%mol/mol, C3H8 2,000 µmol/mol, O2 1.00%mol/mol / N2 (13.6L
      - NO 1,800µmol/mol /N2 (13.6L)
    • 2. Standard gas for periodic inspection
      - CO 5.00%mol/mol, CO2 14.0%mol/mol, C3H8 2,000 µmol/mol / N2 (13.6L)
      - Pressure Regulator
      - Using for precision and periodic inspection
    • 혼합가스 제조 및 분석실
    • A room for Analysis
    • Ethanol Certified Reference Material
    • Due to the lack of reliability for a breathalyzer for blood alcohol level, there are many arguments, so it should be necessary the precision detecting to solve many arguments. DY developed a reliable standard reference material with periodic correction and to increase detecting ability and approved by KOLAS as a first agency for standard Ethanol Certified Reference Material of a breathalyzer in Korea. DY supplying Ethanol Certified Reference Material to the Road Traffic Authority, and a domestic manufacturing companies,
    • 혼합가스 제조 및 분석실

    KOLAS CRM List

    Component & Matrix Ingredient Balance CRM code Authentication Range Unit Expansion relative uncertainty
    (Confidence level
    about 95 %, k=2)
    1 C2H5OH N2 CRM-112-03-1 50~500 μmol/mol 1.9 %
    2 NO N2 CRM-112-03-2 20~3,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    3 SO2 N2 CRM-112-03-3 20~3,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    4 NO N2 CRM-112-03-4 20~3,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    SO2 CRM-112-04-4
    5 NO N2 CRM-112-03-5 20~20,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    SO2 CRM-112-04-5
    CO CRM-112-05-5
    6 CO N2 CRM-112-03-6 1~100,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    7 N2 He CRM-112-03-7 1~5 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    8 O2 N2 CRM-112-03-8 0.3~30 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    9 CO N2 CRM-112-03-9 0.05~10 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    CO2 CRM-112-04-9 5~20 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    C3H8 CRM-112-05-9 300~3,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    10 O2 N2 CRM-112-03-10 0.3~5 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    CO CRM-112-04-10 0.05~10 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    CO2 CRM-112-05-10 5~20 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    C3H8 300~3,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    11 NO N₂ CRM-112-03-11 20~3,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    CO CRM-112-04-11 20~100,000 μmol/mol 2.0 %
    12 C2H6 CH4 CRM-112-04-12 1~7 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    C3H8 0.5~3.5 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    i-C2H10 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    n-C4H10 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    i-C5H12 0.01~0.1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    n-C5H12 0.01~0.1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    N2 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    13 C2H6 CH4 CRM-112-04-13 1~7 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    C3H8 0.5~3.5 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    i-C4H10 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    n-C4H10 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    i-C5H12 0.01~0.1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    n-C5H12 0.01~0.1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    N2 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    CO2 0.02~0.5 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    14 C2H6 CH4 CRM-112-04-14 1~7 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    C3H8 0.5~3.5 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    i-C4H10 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    n-C4H10 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    i-C5H12 0.01~0.1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    n-C5H12 0.01~0.1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    n-C6H14 0.01~0.1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    N2 0.1~1 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    CO2 0.02~0.5 %mol/mol 2.0 %
    • Recognition
    • 혼합가스 제조 및 분석실
    • General list of standard gas
    • For measuring the environment(Odor,Toxic), Production control(Petrochemical)
    Sortation Creation and Batangas
    Component & Matrix
    Concentration Note
    1 NO 5 5 000 μmol/mol
    2 SO2 5 5000 μmol/mol
    3 NO 10 5000 μmol/mol
    SO2 10 5000 μmol/mol
    4 NO 10 5000 μmol/mol
    SO2 10 5000 μmol/mol
    CO 10 20000 μmol/mol
    5 NO2 10 1000 μmol/mol
    6 NH3 5 1000 μmol/mol
    7 HCl 3 1000 μmol/mol
    8 CO 1 10000 μmol/mol
    9 CO 1 50 %mol/mol
    10 CO2 1 10000 μmol/mol
    11 CO2 1 50 %mol/mol
    12 H2 2 1000 1000
    13 H2 0.1 50 %mol/mol
    14 N2 5 1000 μmol/mol
    15 H2 2 1000 μmol/mol
    O2 2 1000 μmol/mol
    N2 2 1000 μmol/mol
    16 SF6 5 200 μmol/mol
    17 C2H5OH 10 500 μmol/mol ethanol
    18 DMS 5 1000 μmol/mol
    19 DMDS 5 1000 μmol/mol
    20 CH3SH 5 1000 μmol/mol methylmercaptane
    21 C2H5SH 5 1000 μmol/mol ethylmercaptane
    22 C2H4O 5 1000 μmol/mol ethylen oxide
    23 CH3CHO 5 1000 μmol/mol Acetaldehyde
    24 (CH3)2CO 10 1000 μmol/mol acetone
    25 CH3Cl 10 1000 μmol/mol
    26 Benzene 5 500 μmol/mol
    27 Toluene 5 500 μmol/mol
    28 Xylene 5 500 μmol/mol
    29 Benzene 5 500 μmol/mol
    Toluene 5 500 μmol/mol
    Xylene 5 500 μmol/mol
    30 CF4 5 2000 μmol/mol
    31 H2S 5 2000 μmol/mol
    32 COS 5 2000 μmol/mol
    33 N2O 5 2000 μmol/mol
    34 CH4 1 10000 μmol/mol
    C2H4 1 10000 μmol/mol
    C2H6 1 10000 μmol/mol
    C3H8 1 10000 μmol/mol
    C4H10 1 10000 μmol/mol
    C5H12 1 10000 μmol/mol
    C6H14 1 10000 μmol/mol
    35 CH4 1 50 %mol/mol
    C2H4 1 50 %mol/mol
    C2H6 1 50 %mol/mol
    C3H8 1 50 %mol/mol
    C4H10 1 50 %mol/mol
    C5H12 1 50 %mol/mol
    C6H14 1 50 %mol/mol
    36 C2H6 1 7 %mol/mol CNG
    C3H8 0.5 3.5 %mol/mol
    i-C4H10 0.1 1 %mol/mol
    n-C4H10 0.1 1 %mol/mol
    i-C5H12 0.01 0.1 %mol/mol
    n-C5H12 0.01 0.1 %mol/mol
    n-C6H14 0.01 0.1 %mol/mol
    N2 0.1 1 %mol/mol
    CO2 0.02 0.5 %mol/mol
    CH4 %mol/mol
    • Hydrogen Generator
    • DY supplying Hydrogen Generator imported from Japan, MKK(Mitsubishi KAKOKI). Deokyang made a contract with MKK as sole distributor for Hydrogen Generator in Korea. Capacity : 50, 100, 200, 300 Nm3/hr
    • Product data
    • Specifications
      System capacity 500N㎥/hr to 200N㎥/hr
      Feedstock 13A town gas (natural gas), LPG
      Product hydrogen purity 99.999% or higher
      Delivery pressure 0.7MpaG(max)
      Space requirement 9㎡(50N㎥/hr)
    • Process Flow
    • 수소이미지01
    • 수소이미지01
    • Inside of Hydrogen generator
    • Outside of Hydrogen generator
    • Gas Degasifier
    • DY supplying Gas Degasifier with TNSC(Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation) as sole distributor in Korea. TNSC, JAPAN is an expert company for Gas manufacturing, to purifier as an ultra-high purity gases for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Argon, Helium, Amonia.
    • Click and above mentioned can be shown all of specification the relevant gas purifier.
    • 수소이미지01
    • low temperature type
    • Adsorption at room temperature type
    • Semiconductor Wafer cleaning machine
    • Deokyang made a contract with Dan Science for Semiconductor Wafer cleaning machine as sole distributor in Korea.
    • Click and above mentioned can be shown all of specification the relevant gas purifier..
    • 수소이미지01
    • Machine inside
    • Machine outside
    • Cylinder
    • The 2nd factory in Ulsan(Dalcheon) produce industrial general gas, specialty gas and semiconductor gas professionally in the long years.
    • Dalcheon factory approved by KOLAS as an Authorized Inspection first Agency in a seamless high pressure cylinder. High purity and ultra-high purity gas refining facilities are developed, and prepared mix gas manufacturing facility and analysis facilities for producing standard gas and LNG. Dalcheon also has international inspection task ability for Tube trailer/cartridge.
    • 혼합가스 제조 및 분석실
    • Gas Engineering Business
    • Gas supply facilities is being also constructed by Deokyang.
    • - Various gas supply facilities(Storage Tank)
      - Piping and Instrumentation, Charging facilities
      - Gas facilities for Heat-treatment
      - Gas Mixtures facilities
      - Laboratory Instrument for gases
      - Nitrogen and CO2 for refrigerating machine
    • 혼합가스 제조 및 분석실
    • Construction off the gas tank
    • General construction for Gas Storage Tank

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